Georgian Comparative Literature Association
Grant Projects

Projects selected and financially supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia

Intercultural space  – Rustaveli and Nizami (N FR17-109),  2018-2020.

Georgian Folklore Material in 1836-1927 Russian Press (Principal investigator Rusudan Cholokashvili), 2018-2020.

New Textual Scholarship Investigations and the Chronology of Grigol Orbeliani’s Life and Work, 2017-2020.

French People in Georgia and Reflections of French Literature in 17th-20th Century Georgian Culture, 2016-2019.

Bolshevism and Georgian Literature since the beginning of the Second World War until the CPUS 20th conference (1941-1956), 2016-2019.

Stalin’s ideologeme and mythologeme in Georgian literature of the Soviet times and Georgian emigrant  literature, 2016-2019.

Nikoloz Baratashvili’s Analytical Guide, 2015-2018.

Economic Concepts in Georgian Fiction, 2015-2017.

Ilia Chavchavadze: Detailed Chronology of Life and Works – NewTextual-critical Investigation, 2014-2017.

Term, Concept and Paradigm in the “Knight in the Panther`s Skin (N  FR/399/1-20/13), 2014-2016.

Bolshevism and Georgian Literature from Sovietisation to theWorld War II (1921-1941), 2013-2016.

Georgian Modernism, 2014-2016.

Intercultural model of Georgian literature and problem of national identity, 2014-2016.

Accessibility of the Audio Materials Kept in the Folklore Archive by Means of Digitization and Electronic Systematization (Principal investigator Meri Khukhunaishvili-Tsiklauri), 2013-2015.

The Age of Liberalism in Georgian Literature (Principal investigator Zaza Abzianidze), 2013-2015.

International School of Translation, 2012.

Contemporary  Problems of  Rustvelology (N A44-09), 2009–2011.

Other Projects

The Christian-Muslim Relations: 1500-1900. University of  Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2017-2020.

III International School of Translation, 2016.
TBC Bank, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection, Georgian National Book Center

Translation of “S/Z” by Roland Barthes, 2014.
French Institute 

Preparation of Web-page:, 2013.
Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection

II International School of Translation, 2013.
US Embassy

Translation of “ Francopone literatures and postcolonial theory” by Jean-Marc Moura, 2012.
French Institute

Translation of “ Comparativism and literary theory” by Adrian Marino, 2010.
French Institute


Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature submitted the following Research Grant Projects to the Foundation for Georgian Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences:

1.        Georgian Literature on the Crossroad of eASTERN and Western Cultural Processes (Supervisor Irma Ratiani)

2.        Practical Criticism (Supervisor Gaga Lomidze)

3.        Georgian Romanticism – National and International Frontiers (Supervisor Zaza Abzianidze)

4.        Totalitarian Text and the Concept of Leader (20th Century Literary Experience) ( supervisor Manana Kvachantiradze)

5.        Akaki Tsereteli. The Epoch and the Writer (Modern Reception) (Supervisor Tamaz Jologua)

6.        Electronic Platform of Comparative Analysis of Georgian Folklore (Supervisor Elguja Dadunashvili)

7.        History of Pre-Elinophilic and Elinopholic Georgian Translations  (Supervisor Nana Mrevlishvili)

8.        Literature of Rustvelology, Annotated Bibliography (1712-

9.        Tbilisi: Literary-Cultural Meridians (Supervisor Tamar Tsitsishvili)

10.     Anthropology of “Kartlis Tskhovreba” and Iconographic Imagology (Supervisor Lia Tsereteli)

11.     Communist Hagiography (Supervisor Saba-Piruz Metreveli)

12.     Galaktion Tabidze’s Reception in the 20th Century: 1908-2008 (Anthology in two Volumes – including Reseaches, Remarks and References) (Supervisor Teimuraz Doiashvili)

Grant Projects

Three grant Projects, submitted by Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature in 2008,  have gained support from the Foundation for Georgian Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences (Rustaveli Foundation)

1.        The Preparation of First Part of Akaki Tsereteli’s Academic Works in Twenty Volumes for Publication (Ten Volumes);

2.        Prosaic Folklore;

3.        Contemporary Issues of Rustvelology.

Institute’s three projects have gained grants from the State Science Grant Competition 2007 of Georgian National Science Foundation:

  • Creating electronic version of Petre Umikashvili’s collections of manuscripts (19th century) (Department of Folklore; Research Director: E. Dadunashvili)
  • Discourse of Literary Studies. Contemporary researches. (Department of Literary Theory and Comparativistics, Research Directors: Irma Ratiani, Gaga Lomidze)
  • Anti-Soviet Wordness (Department of Folklore.  Research Director: Rusudan Cholokashvili)

Other fundings:

  • Translation of Ronald Bart’s book “S/Z”
  • Translation of Ferdinand de Sausurre’s book “Linguistics and Semiology”

 At present, 7 scientific projects are submitted to State Scientific Grant Competiton 2008 by Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature.


Khetevan Elashvili „The fate of the word“ 2018 – French Diary of the Caucasus 2017 – Literary Schools (from Classicism to Modernism)
The 13th International Symposium „Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism“ (Tbilisi, Georgia) The 12th International Symposium „Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism“ (Tbilisi, Georgia) The 11th International Symposium „Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism“ (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Grant Projects